Registration for summer camps is underway

The organization of the summer camps at the Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Young People is currently progressing normally. However, we will closely follow the news of the corona pandemic and let you know if we need to make changes to the camp schedule.

Despite the exceptional spring, summer is sure to arrive this year as well and we are hopeful that we will be able to run the summer camps as planned. We will only send invoices when it is confirmed that the camps can be arranged!

There is still room for the following camps:

A3 Maja-perheleiri/ Hut building family camp 6.-7.6. in Ruukinranta
A5 Maja-perheleiri/Hut building family camp 13.-14.6. in Ruukinranta

D2 Miniatyrmodellbyggning fi/sve, 4 dagar, 15.-18.6. på Kabelfabriken
D3 Tulevaisuuden kaupunki -tietokoneleiri, 4 päivää 15.-18.6. Kaapelitehtaalla
D4 Arkkitehtuuri- ja designleiri, 4 päivää 15.-18.6. Kaapelitehtaalla
E3 Unelmien talo -tietokoneleiri 22.-26.6. Kaapelitehtaalla
E4 Architecture & Design Camp 22.-26.6. in Cable Factory

W3 Arkkitehtuuri- ja designleiri 15.-18.6. WeeGeellä
W4 Pienoismallileiri 22.-26.6. WeeGeellä

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