Arkki offering includes also shorter one-off workshops that can be run for a flexible duration, from 90 minutes to a full weekend non-stop come-and-go session.

Workshops are perfect events where kids, family and company staff come to play and relax. Through working in teams in creative projects, people build connection and bonding together and learning something new in an enjoyable way. Arkki offers workshops on various themes to choose from: Shadow Theater, Lego City, Sweet City, Tower Building, etc. The workshops last for 3 to 8 hours.

Arkki workshops are perfect for a birthday party, a family reunion, a team-building or a recreation day. Workshops can also be run for school classes or kindergarten groups. Topics and durations can also be modified following customer’s needs.

Lego Tower Workshop

Team up to build the world’s highest LEGO® tower! This playful workshop, which emphasizes 3D structural thinking and motor skills, encourages teamwork and active cooperation through enjoyable constructional challenges. The whole group can work together to build the world´s highest …

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Sweet architecture workshop

In this workshop, the idea is to provide knowledge about structures and architecture in a fun way. Since architecture is a spatial form of art, it is crucial to study it three-dimensionally, and involving all the senses in the learning process.